C programming language overviews.

 C Programming is a powerful,flexible,portable and elegant structured programming language.since c combines the features of high level language with the elements of the assembler,it is suitable for both systems and applications programming. It is undoubtedly the most widely used general-purpose language today.

Since its standardization in 1989, C has undergoes series of changes and improvements in order to enhance the usefulness of the language.C seems a strange name for a programming language.But this strange soundings language is one of the most popular computer languages today because it is high level machine,independent language.The root of all modern language is ALGOL,introduced in the early 1960s.ALGOL was the first computer language to use a block structure.Although it never became popular in USA,it was widely used in Europe.

In 1967,Martin Richards developed a language called BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language)primarily for writing the system softwares .In 1970s, Ken Thompsons created a language using many features of BCPL and called it simply B.B was used to create early versions of UNIX operating systems at Bell Laboratories .Both BCPL and B were “typeless” system programming languages.

For many years C was used mainly in academics environment,but eventually with the release of many C compilers for commercial use and the increasing popularity of UNIX,it began to gain  widespread support among computers professionals .Today C is running under a variety of operating system and hardware problems.

We the teams of programming faster managed to provide an effective information about the codes of different programming languages.Hope you will learn and understand the codes fast and easy. It's absolutely free, expanding and precise. Our main target is to help those new starters and aid them as far as possible to pave their future in the area of programming. Hoping support and recommendations!

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