Program to find if the entered number is prime or not using recursion.

Code: Output: Enter a number: 6 6 is not a prime number

Program to swap value of two variables using pointer

Codes: outputs: Enter two numbers:   3     9 Before swapping  a=3   b=9 After   Swapping  a=9   b=3

Program to copy one string to another string with and without using string handling function

Codes: With string handling functions: 1.Outputs: string s1: Elon Musk string s2: Elon Musk 2.Without string handling functions: 2.Outputs: Enter string s1: Nepal string s2: Nepal

Program to find the biggest among three numbers using pointer

Codes: Outputs: Enter three values: 0  2  26 The value of a: 0     b; 2      c:26 biggest number: 26

Program to find the sum of all the elements of an array using pointers

Codes: Outputs: Enter the number:6 5  8  1  5  7 sum: 32

Program to concatenate two strings

Codes: Outputs: Enter the first & last name: Mark Zuckerberg full name: MarkZuckerberg  

Program to read a sentence and delete all the white spaces and repace all “.” by “:”

Codes: Output: Enter a string:Nepal is a small country. Nepalisasmallcountry:

Program to read a sentence and count the number of words in that sencence

Codes: Output: Enter a sentence:I am fine. The number of words=3

Program to compare two strings

Codes: Output: Enter string: L Messi Enter string: Ronaldo Entered strings are not equal.  

Program to print the triangular pattern of string “UNIVERSITY”