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Is C# worth to learn in 2018? Complete overviews!


C# /C-sharp is a general purpose ,multi-paradigm programming language incorporating generic,functional,declarative principles.Generally it was developed by the MICROSOFT leading on its own NET initiative and approved later by ECMA-334.The developments,frequent updates and upgrades  of C-sharp has led under the leadership of .Anders Hejlsberg.

The main purpose of creating c-sharp  was Sun which was later then bought by the Oracle did not want Microsoft to exhibit an alters  to Java and finally Microsoft choosed to create the language of their own.

Including Versions:


Versions    ECMA         ISO/IEC      Microsoft     Date         .NET Framework                   Visual studio

C# 1.0        Dec 2002  April 2003  Jan 2002    Jan 2002      .NET Framework 1.0               Visual studio .NET 2002

C# 1.1      ””    “”    “”     “” “”  “”       Oct 2003     April 2003    .NET Framework 1.1               Visual studio .NET 2003

C# 1.2     “”     “””  “””    “”  “”  “”        “” “” “”        Nov 2005                    “”      “””    “””                       “”     “”    “””

C# 2.0     June 2006     Sept 2006  Sept 2005    Nov 2005    .NET Framework 2.0                   Visual studio 2005

C# 3.0       None             None          Aug 2007    Nov 2007   .NET Framework 2.0(Except LINQ)   Visual studio 2005

None             None         “”  “”  “””        “” “”  “”        .NET Framework 3.0(Except LINQ)   Visual studio 2010

None              None         “” :””  “”        “” “” “””         .NET Framework 3.5

C# 4.0        None               None         April 2010   April 2010    .NET Framework 4                          Visual studio 2010

C# 5.0      in progress        None      June 2013      Aug 2012     .NET Framework 4.5                    Visual studio 2012

Visual studio 2013

C# 6.0       None                 None        Draft          July 2015         .NET Framework 4.6                  Visual studio 2015

C# 7.0      None                 None        None          March 2017      .NET Framework 4.6.2              Visual studio 2017

C# 7.1      None                  None        None           Aug 2017        .NET Framework 4.6.2  Visual studio 2017 ver.15.3

C# 7.2      None                 None         None           Nov 2017        .NET Framework 4.7.1  Visual studio 2017 ver 15.4


  • Is c# really important and why?

C# is not so trendy as  PHP,Java,Java script eventhough it’s popularity  is extending a lot rapidly .Generally in 2012 ,it was named as the programming language of 2012 by PYPL index.Now it is the most used programming language in the development of the third-party apps for windows.It runs on the mobile devices including the windows phone too. It was more popular in 2011 than Adobe Flash because it the most programming language in programming for Windows Silverlight. Due to this determinants ,Nowadays the companies are seeking for C# programmers .The pay is average  an approx,$ 52000 a year which is not bad at all while comparing to others programmers of similar languages.So you can learn C# to gain the knowledge and even you can make an average amount for your work.

  • What the c# is featured of?     

C# is similar to other object-programming languages.It  is really important and virtuous.Also it has some unique set of the features that allures the programmers to code precisely.It is built with the programming capabilities occurring at different times,It allows the programmers to continue during the processing.It comprises of  functional programming capabilities.C# is featured of negative garbage collection too.

  • On which Operating systems C# is compatible to Run smoothly?


Precisely, C# runs on following operating systems

i. Runs in Windows (8 ,10..)

We typically use the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.It is a open source software which can be downloaded for free.

ii.Runs in Mac OS X

It’s a free download for OS X too and runs smoothly for the programmers  to code.

iii.Runs in Linux OS

It’s a free downloaded software .All we have to do is ,download the Microsoft  Visual Studio IDE,and we will need Visual Studio C# extensions to debug code in C#.


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