Program to find the biggest among three numbers using pointer



Enter three values: 0  2  26

The value of a: 0     b; 2      c:26

biggest number: 26

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One thought on “Program to find the biggest among three numbers using pointer

  1. sammy Mutahi March 4, 2019 at 2:11 am

    using namespace std;

    void greatest(int *a,int *b,int *c)
    if(*a>*b && *a > *c)
    cout<<*a<<" is greater"< *a && *b > *c)
    cout<<*b<<" is greater"<<endl;
    cout<<*c<<" is greater"<<endl;
    int main()
    int a =2;
    int b = 3;
    int c = 10;


    return 0;

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