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Reasons behind JavaScript to be manipulated in Website development and it’s subsequent expansions?


JavaScript is the multi-paradigm,concise,high-level programming language of HTML and the Web.It is script language and an interpreted programming language from the Netscape.Precisely it is quite tallier to Sun’s Tcl,IBM’S REXX and Microsoft’s Visual Basic.Java script is generally regarded as three cores technologies of World Wide Webcontent productions.

It is faster,quicker and easier to code in as compared to compiled and structured languages as C++ and C.It can take a bit longer than compiled languages, indeed they are very specific and distinct for shorter programs. It is used to create the webpages pinpoint and impart an online programs incorporating video games.It’s code can be imbedded in HTML Pages and can be construe by the Web browser (or customers).Now the Netscape and Microsoft browsers clearly supports Javascipt, but occasionally in slightly different procedures.It has benefited as it can run at the server of the Microsoft’s Active Server Page earlier than the page is sent to the requestors.



  • History

The first JavaScript engine was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape, for the purpose of Netscape Navigator Web browser .The engine,code -named Spider Monkey,is executed in C.It has been updated (in JavaScript 1.5) to adapt to ECMAScipt 3.The project for the JavaScript was originally called Mocha,later it was renamed to live Script after the license agreement of Sun and the Netscape.It was first released in beta version of Netscape Navigator 2.0 in sept,1995 and it was literally renamed to JavaScript when it was established in the Netscape Navigator 2.0 beta 3 in December.

  • Specimen of JavaScript


  • Why JavaScript is Manipulated in Website development and why are it’s benefit’s?

i.It can be used effectively to generate special effect like role-over  for the graphic images.

ii.JavaScript not only reinforced s web pages but also supports external applications like PDF documents,supporting for flash applications and of course  running widgets too.

iii.It can automatically alter a formatted date on a webpage.

iv.It generates a link to page for showing  into a popup window.

v.It has come out in web industry like a resonance and there are no any web technologies that are not using Java Script  if we watch to current web scenario.

  • Subsequent Expansions:

Particularly,it is becoming the most popular programming language on the Web.During the preliminary phase ,most professional programmers disparage the language among assorted reasons,it’s target audience comprised of Web authors and other such amateurs.For the development of the common standard library function in JavaScript development outside the browser ,the CommonJS project was founded in January 2009. With the enlargement of single-page applications and Java Script heavy sites,it is largely being used as a compile target for source to source compilers from the both static and dynamic languages.

  • Static versions of Java Script

Version Release date Equivalent to Netscape
Opera Safari Google
1.0 March 1996 2.0 3.0
1.1 August 1996 3.0
1.2 June 1997 4.0-4.05 3
1.3 October 1998 ECMA-262 1st + 2nd edition 4.06-4.7x 4.0 5
1.4 Netscape
1.5 November 2000 ECMA-262 3rd edition 6.0 1.0 5.5 (JScript 5.5),
6 (JScript 5.6),
7 (JScript 5.7),
8 (JScript 5.8)
7.0 3.0-5 1.0-10.0.666
1.6 November 2005 1.5 + array extras + array and string generics + E4X 1.5
1.7 October 2006 1.6 + Pythonic generators + iterators + let 2.0 28.0.1500.95
1.8 June 2008 1.7 + generator expressions + expression closures 3.0 11.50
1.8.1 1.8 + native JSON support + minor updates 3.5
1.8.2 June 22, 2009 1.8.1 + minor updates 3.6
1.8.5 July 27, 2010 1.8.2 + new features for ECMA-262 5th edition compliance 4.0


Versions              Released

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