C++ program using readData() to read three floating numbers,addData() for addition among three floating numbers and finally showResult() to display result defined by the user.

CODES: OUTPUTS: enter the numbers 1 2 3.4 summation:6.4

C++ program to return true if age is eligible for certain purpose, else false by using a function declared by the user

CODES: OUTPUTS: please enter your age 16 congrats you are eligible

C++ program to simply add three numbers by writing a function add() that asks number from user.

CODES: OUTPUTS: enter the three numbers 1 2 3 6

C++ program to define an enumerator color with various names of color as its members,read an integer from user and display color name corresponding to an integer.

Codes: OUTPUTS: enter the color number = 2 the color is green guys !!

C++ program to find the products of two number asked by the user.

Codes: OUTPUTS: Enter any two numbers: 2 3 multiply=6

C++ program to display message “welcome to c++ programming language”

Codes: OUTPUTS: welcome to c++ programming language.

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