Why Kotlin is necessary for developing an android app,features?


Kotlin is an open source,stabile-typed programming language mainly for the Android and JVM that incorporates object-intended & functional programming attributes.A team of JetBrains programmers based in Saint Petersburg,Russia is a primary development team of Kotlin.There is correlation with Java code and is accessory on Java Code from the extant Java Class Library.

Kotlin priors associativity,clarity,safety and tooling subsistence.Versions of Kotlin for JavaScript (ECMAScript 5.1) and native code (using LLVM) are in the development.As of Android Studio 3.0 Kotlin is a fully supported programming language on Android3 and lets the Programmers to prefer  between targeting Java 6- or Java 8-compatible bytecode.[4]



Initially a project known as Kotlin was revealed as a new language for the JVM(Java Virtual Machine) by JetBrains in July 2011 which had been under expanding for a year.Later ,Jet Brains open sourced the project under the license of Apache 2 in February 2012.The first version (v1.0) of Kotlin was out on February 15,2016.It is regarded as the first precise release where JetBrains believed to long-term backwards stability commencing from this version.Google announced the first-class support for the Kotlin on Android previously at Google I/O 2017. As the days passed,On November 28,2017 another version of Kotlin was released v1.2. During this release an essential feature of sharing the codes between the JavaScript and JVM platforms features was added.


Features of kotlin:

Kotlin has many useful and unique features that assists in  writing the codes in  pleasant way:

  • Functional programming supports with zero-overhead lambdas .The potentiality of Kotlin system can easily distinguishes between mutable and immutable views over the collections.It also has an ability to perform folding,mapping and so on over standard Java collections.


  • Lean syntax: type inference works everywhere, one liner functions take one line, simple structs/JavaBeans can also be declared in one line.The  real properties  can generate getFoo or setFoo methods behind the scenes for Java interop. The  Functions can exist outside of classes.


  • Manages Markdown as a substitute of HTML for API codes: This helps in writing the JavaDocs much more pleasant and great. The “Dokka” tool, which is the equivalent of JavaDoc, can read both Kotlin and Java source code and generate combined doc websites, both with its own style and also in the standard JavaDoc HTML style.The tool “Dokka” is used that is equivalent to JavaDoc can read  both Java source code and Kotlin and create doc websites combined.
  • Built with Operators overloaded :Operators maps to special method names, so it can override the behaviours of the existing operators (including function invocation), but we cannot define entirely new ones,which consecutively strikes a mutual balance between power and readability.
  • In order to redefine the language ,Kotlin is deprived of having the Macros.But it comprises of carefully designed features permit for libraries which behaves like language extensions.

Why to learn Kotlin?

  • Kotlin is Concise: It is concise which drastically diminish an amount of boilerplate code.


  • Large set of Extension functions: It comprises a lot of extension functions.It enables us to expand the functionality of pre-existing classes without inheriting from them.


  • Easy to  learn: The great benefit of Kotlin is that a Java programmer can easily understand most of the codes without ever having written a line of Kotlin.


  • Prompts in Android development:  Kotlin is simple and mixed with the powers.It makes ease and comfort for the java programmers to get it on with it.The time of compilation in Kotlin is same as to Java and in some case it is more faster when tested.The library required to write the Kotlin app is very small,so it saves the time  too.


  • More secure than Java: The Codes are easier to understand so when someone reads it ,it becomes difficult to introduce the errors .There is less code that means more difficult for that code to fail and therefore becomes more stable. Consequently it leads into great stability,less time spent in fixing the bugs & errors and obviously great work done in less time.


     Specimen for writing the codes in Kotlin:

Due to this assorted reasons , Kotlin  play the vital role in developing the android apps for an android smartphones easily.It depends upon the categories of users to use it or prefer Java and so on.Even though the Java programmers can precisely code in Kotlin.












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